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What kind of work experience does your company have?
We have been working since 1997 and our employees improve their qualifications every year.

How to contact you?
It is best to send your request by email. You can write to us in Latvia, Russian or English.

What information should I send to calculate the cost?
Loading address and unloading address, information about the cargo or vehicle, if possible, a photo.

How long doest it take to calculate the price?
On average, from 30 minutes to 1 business day, depending on the quantity of other requests. But if you have express delivery, indicate this in the request, the answer will be instantly.

What affects the cost of transportation?
The price depends on the volume, weight of the cargo, distance, additional wishes and conditions of the client.

Who will load or unload cargo from the truck? 
You need agree about this with our manager in advance before ordering transport, since this service is paid separately.

What is the delivery time?
It all depends on the distance and the type of truck you choose. We use vans for express delivery and big trucks for full or groupage cargo. After your request, the manager can calculate the delivery time for you.

What are the restrictions when moving abroad at the customs?
Prohibited items for international transport:
firearms of all types and ammunition, edged weapons of all types, military equipment;
tobacco products;
narcotic, psychotropic, radioactive, explosive, poisonous, flammable and other dangerous substances;
medicines without permission;
paintings without permission;
precious metals in any form and condition, natural precious stones in raw and processed form, pearls and products from it;
flora and fauna, flowers without permission;
cultural values (including postage stamps and other philatelic materials, print works) created more than 100 years ago;
modern souvenirs, cultural items of serial and mass production, made more than 50 years ago;
food without permission;
stuffed animals, horns:

How to prepare before transporting vehicle?
-registration certificate
-charged battery
-minimum 5 liters of fuel in the gas tank
-to remove all unnecessary items from the salon

How to properly pack your furniture for transportation?
Quality packaging depending on fragility, value and surface quality. Send photos of furniture and ask this question to our manager by email, we will send instructions or a specialist will come to pack your furniture.

Can you transport dangerous goods with temperature control?
Yes, of course, temperature control is required for many dangerous goods, so we have refrigerated transport with ADR permission.

Do you work only with companies or also individuals?
We work with both companies and private persons.