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International Moving from Montenegro or to Montenegro Podgorica and other cities.


Relocation to Montenegro. Local authorities are actively attracting foreign capital to the country, so with some persistence it is not difficult to obtain a residence permit. The basis for obtaining a residence permit is marriage with a citizen of Montenegro, i.e. family reunification, employment, own business. Many immigrants use the latter method: they open small companies that, in fact, do nothing, but regularly pay taxes. This costs approximately 120 - 150 euros per month. In addition, in Montenegro there are many agencies that can “get you a job” with them. The service of a fictitious employer will cost 800 - 1000 euros per year.

The package of documents for employment generally looks like this:

work permit (permission from the Montenegrin employment center),
a copy of all pages of the passport, certified by a notary,
translation of passport data into Montenegrin language with an apostille (performed by a court translator),
application for a residence permit in Montenegrin language,
application form, also filled out in Montenegrin,
confirmation of your place of residence (real estate title document or rental agreement),
an extract from a Montenegrin bank account, which should contain approximately 3.5 thousand euros. After submitting the documents, you can safely withdraw money from the account,
medical insurance policy,
registration confirmation,
receipt for payment of state duties.
After 5 years of residence in the country, you can apply for permanent residence, and after 10 years, apply for citizenship. To obtain a Montenegrin citizen's passport, you will have to pass a language test, and you must also be a valid taxpayer with health insurance.

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CargoRiga Moving Company carries out international transport to all Europe Russia Belarus Scandinavia and guarantees the complete safety of your property.
Moving and transport personal items or furniture boxes from / to Montenegro Belarus Estonia Lithuania Poland Germany Netherlands Denmark France Belgium Luxembourg Spain Portugal Monaco Switzerland Austria Italy Slovakia Slovenia Czech Republic Hungary Serbia Montenegro Romania Bulgaria Greece Finland Sweden Norway England Ireland Great Britain Malta Mallorca.
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• The price is calculated from the distance, volume, weight and additional conditions from the client.
We offer transport van, small or big trucks.
Personal stuff customs what does this mean?
Any international relocation requires documented customs escort.
Customs clearance when moving is carried out by our customs brokers, we will prepare a complete package of documents necessary for moving abroad.
Consultants will help you quickly and easily navigate an extensive list of documents and provide professional assistance in processing.
When planning an international move with our company, you will receive an optimal calculation that will save your budget, while maintaining high quality service.
In order to receive a cost estimate, order international moving services or get a personal consultation, we recommend that you contact our specialists, send a request.


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We move our appartment from Riga to Munich with CargoRiga. Service was very nice and professional. Everything delivered on time with good quality.


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We were very pleased with the two workers you sent to help with the move. They were efficient, courteous and pleasant to deal with. Thank you.

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We have been working since 1997 and our employees improve their qualifications every year.

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It is best to send your request by email. You can write to us in Latvia, Russian or English.

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Loading address and unloading address, information about the cargo or vehicle, if possible, a photo.

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On average, from 30 minutes to 1 business day, depending on the quantity of other requests. But if you have express delivery, indicate this in the request, the answer will be instantly.

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